Welcome to SPS - the Smart Grid Power Systems Laboratory.

The Smart Grid Power Systems (SPS) lab, including faculty members Lingling Fan and Zhixin Miao, has focus areas of modeling and control of wind and solar energy systems, high power electronics applications in smart grids, microgrids and wide area measurement applications. In renewable energy grid integration area, our research provides analytical tools and power electronic control based solutions to achieve fast and flexible power routing. Our research also tackles potential dynamics which could lead to system blackouts. We have setup supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for real-world solar PV and battery systems. In wide area measurement applications, our research has the potential to enhance electric system monitoring by real-time dynamic system estimation using state-of-the-art computing hardware and techniques.

The smart grid power system lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art power system computer simulation tools (e.g., including OPAL RT-LAB, PSCAD/EMTDC and Matlab/SimPowersystems), power electronic control prototyping systems using, National Instrument data acquisition and real-time control systems, and hardware-in-the-loop test beds. Our lab is a member of OSIsoft pioneer program and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory university program. The donation from the industry includes a $250K PI enterprise system capable of real-time monitoring and archiving, JMAG finite element analysis software packages and SEL transmission/distribution protection devices.

Our research projects have been funded through National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and industry partners. We have setup collaborations with universities located in the state of Florida and Europe.

Our students are highly demanded by academia, industry and R&D institutes. Recent graduates found employment in GE, ABB, EATON, California Southern Edison, ONCOR, Penn State at Harrisburg, and etc.

What's New:

  • April 2019:

    A 17-page paper based on IEEE PES Task Force (chaired by Prof. Claudio Canizares) report entitled "Microgrid Stability Definitions, Analysis, and Modeling", is accepted by IEEE trans. Power Systems. Dr. Fan participated in the efforts of report and paper preparation. A panel session on the report/paper will be held in IEEE PESGM 2019. link

    On April 18, the SPS Lab hosted a tour to Jabil.

    On April 9, Dr. Fan presnted FC2 SEEDS award project presentation at Cyber Florida Research Symposium.

  • March 2019:

    Drs. Fan and Miao awarded DOE grant. Press Release

  • Jan 2019:

    Dr. Fan's book is announced in the February 2019 issue of IEEE Control System Magazine. link

    Our paper "Data Analytics of Real-World PV/Battery Systems" is accepted by IEEE PESGM 2019. pdf

    Our paper "Mixed-Integer SDP Relaxation-based Volt/Var Optimization for Unbalanced Distribution Systems" is accepted by IEEE PESGM 2019. pdf

    Dr. Miao collaborated with Dr. Lin of CUTR recently on an RFP. The CUTR won the RFP - "Development of Low Voltage/Extend Runtime Signalized Intersection Using Backup Power After the Loss of Utility Power Due to Hurricane" sponsored by FDOT. This will be a very important and interesting research project. The key team members include: Pei-Sung Lin, Ph.D., P.E, PTOE, FITE (PI), Zhixin (Lee) Miao, Ph.D., P.E. (Co-PI), Zhenyu Wang, Ph.D. (Co-PI), Achilleas Kourtellis, Ph.D. (Co-PI), and Cong Chen, Ph.D., E.I. (Co-PI).

  • Dec 2018:

    Dr. Fan is appointed as an Editor of IEEE transactions of Energy Conversion.

    Our papper "Replicating Real-World Wind Farm SSR Events" was submitted to IEEE trans. Power Delivery.

  • Nov 2018:

    Dr. Fan's video tutorial Wind in Weak Grids now available at IEEE PES Resource Center. Tutorial on Wind in Weak Grids.

  • Oct 2018:

    Our paper "stability control for wind in weak grids" was accepted by IEEE trans. Sustainable Energy. Preprint can be found by clicking the publication tab.

    Our research on system identification based on synchrophasors results in a US Utility Patent 10103666``Identification of Synchronous Generator Modeling And Frequency Control Using Unscented Kalman Filter.''

  • Sep 2018:

    Dr. Miao serves as the co-PI for ``Integrated Power Grid and Microgrids With Massively Distributed Intelligent Sensors,'' NSF Grant Number 1807974; PI Dr. Vijay Jain; Years 2018-2021.

    On Friday 9/14/2018, George Gurlaski, Technology Evaluation Manager of Duke Energy, switched a microgrid consisting of a 200 kW Tesla battery and 100 kW roof top solar PV off the Duke Energy utility grid. This microgrid is located at USF St. Pete. The Tesla battery was installed in 2015. Our lab conducts research to operate this real-world battery for smart grid functionality. Youtube video, News

    Nine students attended NAPS 2018 meeting. Group photos.

    Mohemmed Alhaider started his job as assistant professor at Department of EE, College of Engineering, Prince Sattam Bin Abudulaziz University, KSA.

  • Aug 2018:

    Wind SSO taskforce embarked in IEEE PES General Meeting at Portland, Oregon.

  • June 2018:

    A series papers related to wind in weak grids have been submitted/published.
    (1) L. Fan, Z. Miao, "An Explanation of Oscillations Due to Wind Power Plants Weak Grid Interconnection," IEEE trans. Sustainable Energy, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 488-490, Jan. 2018.
    (2) L. Fan, Z. Miao, "Wind in Weak Grids: 4 Hz or 30 Hz Oscillations?", to appear, IEEE trans. Power Systems.
    (3) L. Fan, "Modeling Type-4 Wind in Weak Grids," to appear, IEEE trans. Sustainable Energy.

  • May 2018:

    Dr. Fan participated in the efforts of final report writing of IEEE PES PSDP Microgrid Stability Taskforce.

    Dr. Fan, along with colleagues at the utility industry, initiated a taskforce Modeling Subsynchronous Oscillations in Wind Energy Interconnected Systems TF under IEEE PES (AMPS) Transient Analysis and Simulation. The first meeting will be held in IEEE PESGM 2018 on Aug. 8 Wednesday 1:00 pm-2:00 pm.

    Multiple papers have been submitted to North American Power Symposium 2018.
    (1) M. Zhang, Z. Miao, L. Fan, "Data Analysis for 1.6 kW Photovoltaic Panels and 20 kWh Batteries."
    (2) A. Almunif, L. Fan, "DC State Estimation Model-Based Mixed Integer Semidefinite Programming for Optimal PMU Placement."
    (3) I. Alsaleh, L. Fan, "Distribution Locational Marginal Pricing (DLMP) for Multiphase Systems."
    (4) A. Alassaf, L. Fan, "Bilevel Programming-Based Unit Commitment for Locational Marginal Price Computation"
    (5) Sulaiman Almutairi, Zhixin Miao and Lingling Fan, "Performance of Branch-Current Based Distribution System State Estimation"
    (6) Mohammed Alqahtani, Zhixin Miao and Lingling Fan, "MIP-Based Fault Location Identification Using MicroPMUs"
    (7) Ibrahim Alsaleh, Lingling Fan and Hossein Ghassempour Aghamolk, "Volt/Var Optimization with Minimum Equipment Operation under High PV Penetration"
    (8) Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan, Minyue Ma, Yin Li and Zhengyu Wang, "Labs for EGN 3375 Electromechanical Energy Systems at University of South Florida"
    (9) Li Bao, Lingling Fan, and Zhixin Miao, "Real-Time Simulation of Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Systems"
    (10) M. Zhang, Z. Miao, and L. Fan, "Power Grid Partitioning: Static and Dynamic Approaches."

  • April 2018:

    Dr. Fan serves as the co EiC for IEEE trans. Sustainable Energy Special Section on Dynamic Modeling, System Identification, Analysis, and Control of Renewable Distributed Energy Resources for Grid Integration. link

    Dr. Fan's book "Control and Dynamics in Power Systems and Microgrids" received an outstanding review at IEEE PES Magazine. Book review

    Dr. Fan's book "Control and Dynamics in Power Systems and Microgrids" has been adopted by Catholic University of America for the Spring 2019 course EE 564 - Control and Dynamics in Power Systems.

    Our paper "Planning Energy Storage and PV for Demand Response with HVACs" was accepted by IEEE tranasctions on Industrial Informatics special section on Industrial and Commercial Demand Response.

    Our two concept papers on microPMU were invited for full paper submission to IEEE trans. Smart Grid special section on microPMU.

    The SPS Lab hosted lab tours to Airforce 2030.

    Dr. Fan presented an idea talk at Airforce 2030 "Cyber Attack of a Power Grid and Blackout in Tens of Seconds".

  • March 2018:

    Dr. Miao presented a talk entitled "Cyber Attack of Power Grid due to Resonances" at Florida Center for Cyber Security Research Symposium.
    Dr. Fan received a seed grant from Florida Center for Cyber Security (FC2) with Dr. Elias Bou-Harb of FAU on SDN Technology Enabled Power Grid Sensor Network.
    Faculty members from University of Central Florida and Florida Atlantic University visited the SPS Lab.

  • February 2018:

    Our paper "Control of a Three-Phase Hybrid Boost Converter for a PV Charging Station" was accepted by IEEE trans. Energy Conversion . The first author Ahmad Tazay is currently an assistant professor at Al Baha University, KSA.

  • January 2018:

    Our paper "Least Squares Estimation-based SDP Cuts for SOCP Relaxation of AC OPF" was published in the first issue of 2018 IEEE trans. Automatic Control.