Course Outline

Course No. & Title: EEL-6936/4936 Power Electronics

Term & Meeting Info:  Spring 2013, Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am-12:15pm

Instructor Info:     Dr. Lingling Fan      Fax: 974-5250
    Office:  ENB 247; Phone: 974-2031 (Office)

Catalog Description:    This is graduate course, also suitable as a senior level undergraduate elective, aiming to familiarize students with the devices and circuit topologies used in contemporary power electronics to convert electricity from one form to another.  The course will emphasize switch mode building blocks, variety of converters based on the building block and PWM based control, and applications in renewable energy integration and motor control

Semesters Offered:    every spring.

Prerequisites: Circuits

Text Info:     Power Electronics Converters, Applications, and Design, N. Mohan, T. Undeland, W. Robbins, John Wiley & Sons, Third Edition, 2003, ISBN 0-471-22693-9.

Course Topics

Part I Switched mode building block and its applications
    dc-dc converter (topology, circuit and analysis)
    dc-ac or ac/dc converter (topology, circuit and analysis)
        half-bridge single phase
        full-bridge single phase
        two-level three-phase
        three-level three-phase
    Pulse width modulation
    Space vector modulation
    Feedback control
Part II Diode and thyristor based converters
    Line frequency diode rectifier
    Line frequency phase controlled rectifiers and converters

Part III Applications
           Motor drives (voltage/Hz control, vector control)
           Wind energy systems
           Line current commutated HVDC versus voltage source converter based HVDC