Fall 2013 Course Announcement


EEL 6936/4936 – Machine and Electric Drive

Equip you with knowledge and computer simulation skills to work in R&D in renewable energy grid integration, electric drive, aviation power systems, ship power systems and electric vehicles. 


Meeting Time: T Th 2:00-3:15 pm.  Online registration available


Dr. Lingling  Fan                     ENB 247                     974-2031         linglingfan@usf.edu


Course Description:
This course is for both graduate and undergraduate students. Part 1 materials are required for all students. Part II is required for graduate students.


Part 1: Examines power electronic for motor control. Two types of power electronic converters, voltage fed and current red converters, along with variety of switching schemes will be examined. AC motor control objectives and realization through power electronic converters will be discussed and validated through PSCAD based circuit simulation.


Part 2: Examines dynamic models for electric machines; Examines machine variable transformation through abc-dq transformation; Examine space vector concepts; Examine field oriented control for ac motors; system analysis and control design using multi-variable system analysis in both state-space and frequency domains; optimal control through dynamic programming and convex optimization.


Home Page: http://power.eng.usf.edu. 

Electromechanical systems; Linear control; Basic knowledge of programming.

B. Bose, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives, Person Education, 2002

Reference books:

W. Leonhard, Control of Electrical Drives, 3rd edition. Springer:  2001.

P. Krause, O. Waczuncuk, S. Sudhoff, Electric Machinery, 2nd edition. IEEE Press, 2002.

Other supplemental papers and materials will be provided.


Course assignments and graded materials will include approximately 5 homework projects, a mid-term examination, and a final project.  Each of these counts approximately 1/3 toward the final grade.  Homework projects involve analysis, problem solving, and simulation.  PSCAD, Matlab/SimPowerSystems are suggested circuit-based simulation tools. Matlab is suggested for mathematical modeling.